Who Are We?

The Kercher School of dance is proud to be a family run business. We are thrilled with the success we have had with the students that go onto professional theatrical and dance studios in London and beyond, but we are also very proud to offer courses for all age groups (18 months - 18yrs, and adults.) and standards and find it extremely important to inspire dance, movement and music to all individuals who are driven to participate and to spread this art form around the world.

The Kercher Story

Dance, learn, believe, dance, learn, believe". Three words I used to repeat to myself over and over again as I was growing up in the world of dance. Three words that will hopefully help you like they helped me. At the age of 10 I used to cycle a gruelling hill every Saturday to get to my ballet lesson. To pay for my class, I saved 2 shillings from my weekly paper round... it was worth every 'shilling'! At first there were only three of us, but I loved every minute of it! Especially performing, I took advantage of every opportunity to step on stage... at local festivals, at shows, in fact anywhere I could perform. I've been lucky enough to spend my life dancing and teaching dance at amazing institutions such as the London College of Dance & Drama and Arts Education, London. There is nothing more exciting than finding the brilliance, the passion, and the love for dance in my students... probably because I see myself and where I started in every one of them. This led to the start of the Kercher School of Dance in Aylesbury back in 1974 and we've been going strong ever since! A mere 39 years later and I still get just as excited going to teach as I did back in '74. Every one of my students fills me with pride, thrills me with their achievements and encourages me to make Kercher the very best it can be. All I want is for them to celebrate the passion of dance and experience what I have...

...dance, learn, believe!

Linda Kercher F.I.S.T.D